Updated May 16th, 2020


The Center's Quilters are sewng Homemade Face Masks to help fulfill the need in the area. If you would like a mask, call the Center at 541-296-4788 and leave your name, phone number, address and the number of masks you need.


The Center is closed and all classes and activities are canceled except for MEDICARE HELP (call the local coordinator at 541-288-8341) and the MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LOAN CLOSET (call 541-296-4788 to see if we have the equipment you need and to schedule a time for pick-up.)

TAX AIDE has been canceled indefinitely but the filing date has been extended to July 15th. I have not heard if or when the program will start again.


The eligibility for a home delivered meal has changed to include anyone 60 and over. If you would like a home delivered meal call Meals-on-Wheels at 541-298-8333 or if you would like to pick up a meal call before 10:00 and pick up your meal at noon but not before.


Circles of Care is looking for older adults who are self-isolating and need support during these difficult times. Because of the situation they are limiting their assistance to picking up groceries and check-in calls. Call Gracen 541-397-0724 or email her at gbookmyer@ageplus.org.

Aging Well in the Gorge April 17th 2018

It seems as if every national organization or cause has designated a week or day to recognize their efforts. For example, this week is “Spring Astronomy Week”, “National Pet ID Week”; and I just have to mention “Interstate Mullet Toss Weekend” which has become one of the biggest beach parties on the gulf coast; raising money for local youth charities by seeing who can toss a dead mullet (a fish, not a dead guy with an ugly hairstyle) the furthest across the Florida-Alabama state line. Who would have thought!

But I digress. This week is also “National Volunteer Week” – a time to recognize the invaluable role of volunteers, many over 60, who are the fuel for much of the good that is accomplished in our communities. People being engaged, whether volunteering at their church, a service club or non-profit, visiting friends at a care facility, or by keeping an eye on their neighbor - because one of these days, their neighbor may be keeping an eye on them - is what makes our communities strong and vibrant.

But you may feel volunteering is uncomfortable. Like me, you may be afraid of “messing up”, although I’m getting use to that. Or you might be worried about taking on too much responsibility. Or afraid of “volunteer creep” when a one-day a week commitment turns into three and you wonder, “How did that happen. I’m retired!”

But volunteering is a win-win. Besides helping your community, by volunteering you can make new friends; learn new skills; enjoy a new challenge, and of course, have fun!

If you currently aren’t volunteering or would like to volunteer more, I guarantee there is a place that can use your skills and abilities. And for all of you who are already volunteering in either large or small ways, you deserve a big THANK-YOU!  

Besides volunteers, every non-profit I know needs financial support - and Habitat for Humanity is no exception. Tomorrow, April 18th you can enjoy a delicious assortment of pizza, pasta, salad and bread at the annual Habitat Pizza Feed from 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM PDT at Spookys. Tickets are $14.00 for ages 14 and over, $ 9.00 for ages 7 to 13, and $ 4.00 for ages 6 & under. You can purchase tickets at Klindt's Booksellers or the Habitat Restore on West Sixth. Proceeds will support Habitat’s good work building affordable housing in the Mid-Columbia.

These days if anyone asks for my opinion or advice I often respond with “It’s complicated … and I’m confused!” You may feel the same when reading about the D-21 School Construction Bond that will be on the November ballot.  

To help answer your questions and resolve any confusion, there will be a school construction bond presentation at the Center on Wednesday, April 25th at 11:00. I encourage you to learn more, so however you finally decide to vote, it will be based on a clear understanding of the construction bond measure and not any misconceptions.

The name of the basketball player who was a 12-time NBA All-Star; the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double for a season; and was known as the Big “O” was Oscar Robertson. (Those who turned in correct answers by Friday were Don McAllister, Jess Birge, Dave Lutgens, Tiiu Vahtel, Bob Haechrel, Jerry Phillips, Lee Kaseberg and this week’s winner of a quilt raffle ticket: Rhonda Austin.)

On March 7, 1955, during the first "Golden Age of Television", NBC presented Peter Pan live. It was the first full-length Broadway production seen on color TV which attracted a then-record audience of 65-million viewers. For this week’s “Remember When” question, who was the actress that played Peter Pan? And for bonus points, what Australian actor played Captain Hook? Email your answer to www.mcseniorcenter@gmail.com, leave a message at 541-296-4788 or drop your answer off with a picture of J.R. Ewing and his mother.

Well, it’s been another week, trying to find my part in the next act. Until we meet again, as Ashleigh Brilliant once said, “It’s not easy to find yourself slowing down in a world that’s speeding up.”  

“A volunteer is a person who can see what others cannot see; who can feel what most do not feel. Often, such gifted persons do not think of themselves as volunteers, but as citizens – citizens in the fullest sense; partners in civilization.” President George H.W. Bush

Menu for The Dalles Meals-on-Wheels dinners served at noon in Betty’s Diner at the Center.


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