Bingo every Thursday and Saturday Nights. Doors open at 4:00 and games start at 6:00. New players encouraged to arrive by 5:30. Minimum buy-in is $10.

September 20th 11:00 PM: Wednesday Lecture - Your Public Transportation Options in The Dalles.

Nehemiah Brown performing during lunch on September 22nd. Concert is free.

September 27th 1:00 PM: Five Famous Female Artists – a visual presentation covering the life and art of five famous female artists. The instructor will be Kerry Cobb, Executive Director of CCA.

UPDATED 9.10.17


Saturday Night BINGO
Games start at 6:00 PM
Minimum buy-in $10.00
Over $1000 in cash given out every night.
All proceeds help support the The Mid-Columbia Senior Center

Thursday Night BINGO
Games start at 6:00 PM
All proceeds help support The Dalles Meals-on-Wheels Program


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