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Update 3.15.21

Bimart just received 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine. You can schedule online or call 541-298-2055 for an appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday or possibly Thursday. 

Update 3.11.21

Bimart currently does not have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine until at least March 22nd.

Quick Update for 3.9.21

From the North Central Public Health District


“The NCPHD has received the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine and will have a clinic this Friday, March 12, using that vaccine only. There will be 150 slots open and they will be available for booking today.


The health district has been distributing the two-dose Moderna vaccine already. Having different types of vaccine available for use can offer more options and flexibility for the public.


As to the question of which vaccine to get, we urge you to get whatever vaccine you can. Whether it is the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, getting as many people vaccinated as possible will be the key

to ending this pandemic.”


Other news:


Safeway is offering the COVID-19 vaccine. You will need to go online to schedule an appointment if there are any available.


Also Bi-Mart is now offering the 1-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. As you would expect you need to go online and complete a short list of eligibility questions to register.


As in all cases you will need to be persistent. Eventually everyone will have the chance to be vaccinated. 


Currently anyone 65+ is eligible for the vaccine. On March 29th additional groups will become eligible. 


Here is what the Center knows at this time. If you find anything different please email the Center.

As you are probably aware, Wasco County moved from Extreme Risk to Low Risk which is incredible and for which we can be immensely proud. This risk level allows businesses, particularly food establishments, to reopen although still with some restrictions.

The challenge is to continue practicing the measures we know work: face masks, social distancing, etc. to maintain the low-risk level. The levels are based on data and if our positive test rates increase, we will have to revert to a more restrictive risk level.

So keep up the good work and let’s hope everyone else will also.

Clinics are by invitation only. No walk-ins accepted. Do not come to the clinic to get on a waitlist.
Please keep your appointment if you have one.
Wear a short-sleeved shirt.
No insurance is needed for the vaccine.
Don’t be surprised if you will need to show ID before your shot. Recently NCPHD has found that several people have schedule appointments who are not yet eligible. But I would be pleasantly surprised if I had to show ID to prove I was over 65!

Individuals receiving their first shot will have the opportunity to schedule their second shot at the readiness center. This is great news and will make the process much more convenient.
You need to get your second dose from the same entity you received your first dose.
The second dose can safely be administered anywhere from 28 to 60 days after the first dose.

The Center’s 17 volunteers have contacted almost 300 individuals to see if they need assistance and if so, scheduling a vaccine appointment for them. The good news is that many of them have received their 1st shot or have already scheduled a vaccine appointment.
If you know anyone who needs assistance, they should call the Center at 541-296-4788. We will connect them with one of our volunteers.

Several entities are now providing vaccinations in Wasco County:

North Central Public Health District,
Mid-Columbia Medical Center,
One Community Health,
Deschutes Rim Clinic in Maupin.

Long-term care facilities have completed vaccinating their residents and staff.
There is limited availability through Safeway. I’m not aware of any other pharmacies in the area providing vaccines at this time.
Through Feb. 20, 6,272 vaccine doses have been administered including first and second doses in Wasco, Sherman and Gilliam counties.
Wasco County has vaccinated 14.8 percent of its population.
Vaccines are being given to healthcare providers, emergency responders, educators, and childcare providers, and now, those 70 and older. Those 65 and older become eligible starting the week of the 1st.

Arm pain and swelling, as well as fever, tiredness, chills and headache.
Side effects can be more pronounced after the second dose. (Most common for those 55 and under. That’s at least one advantage of being older!)
Reduce arm pain by applying a clean cool washcloth over the area, and moving the arm.
To reduce discomfort from fever, drink plenty of fluids and dress lightly.


  • Questions about your appointment, please call NCPHD at 541-506-2604, or if on the day of your appointment, please call 541-288-3374.

  • For other information, 

 I found this interesting from the Samaritan Health Services website.

Dr. Adam Brady, infectious disease specialist and chair of the Samaritan Coronavirus Task Force, discussed the new coronavirus vaccines in a recent Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies seminar.

“Muscle pain is the most common side effect. Headaches and feeling tired are also fairly common, although very few cases are severe enough to inhibit daily activities,” Dr. Brady noted. “Some also had fever and/or chills, mostly after the second dose.

“To put these symptoms into context, I like to compare the COVID vaccine to two other commonly received vaccines – the flu and shingles vaccines. The side effects of the COVID vaccine are more than the typical flu shot, but are fairly comparable to, or possibly a bit less than, side effects from the shingles vaccine.”      
Several resources to help during the pandemic:

A link to great resources on dealing with the stress and anxiety brought on by Covid-19. Worrying about Your Worrying

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