Do you remember when we had Newsletters available at The Center for you to grab-and-go? With updates and information about upcoming events or changes that you could take home? Well, as we all know, Covid-19 put a small wrinkle in how things were done in the past, but we’ve figured out an alternative option! Now you can access ANY MONTH that you want and all from the comfort of your own computer, tablet or phone. Isn’t that nice? 


If you would rather have a monthly newsletter emailed to you at the beginning of each month, you can subscribe to our Newsletter list. You will find that on the right-hand side of each page. Super simple! Now enjoy the news. 

July 2020 Newsletter

August 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter

January 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

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