There is Bingo on July 1st, but no Bingo on June 29th.

The $1000 went again on Saturday at 53 numbers, so we are back to a $750 cash payout on the last game if there is a blackout in 53 numbers. On Saturday, over $1200 will be paid out throughout the night. Minimum buy-in is $10.

Doors open at 4:00 and games start at 6:00. New players encouraged to arrive by 5:30.

UPDATED 6.27.17


Here is a short quiz to test your knowledge of the Center, although there is much more to know and experience. 

1. The Center has how many movement and exercise classes? A) 2, B) 3, C) 4. D) 5, E) None – old folks just stay home and watch TV.
2. Because the Center was built with a federal grant only individuals over 62 can use the facility.
A) True; B) False
3. What percentage of the Center budget comes from public funds? A) 5%; B) 15%; C) 30%; D) 100% - because seniors are entitled to it.
4) The initial concept for the Center included two levels, but because construction costs exceeded the available funding, the basement was not included. A) True; B) False.
5) Once a year, Colonel Wright students walk to the Center to play bingo because: A) They need the exercise; B) They like the smell of old people; C) We want them to get hooked on playing Bingo; D) As a school reward for good behavior.
6) In supporting older adults, the Center provides space at no or little cost for: A) Medicare Counseling (SHIBA), B) AARP Tax Aide, C) AARP Smart Driving Classes; D) All of the above
7) To give back to the community, the Center provides space at no cost to: A) Opportunity Connections for their Annual Meeting; B) ARC Friendship Club; C) 4-H Leatherworking Club, D) Boy Scout Troop #365; F) All of the above.
8) The Center has a close relationship with the City of The Dalles because the City donated the land and also wrote the federal grant for the Center. Who was the city planner that wrote the grant? A) Scott Keillor; B) Dan Durow; C) Jack Leasch; D) Daffy Duck.

9) The relationship between Meals-on-Wheels and the Center is: A) None, because we are the same organization with the same board; B) Difficult because you can’t imagine how hard it is to share the same space; C) Supportive and respectful because we share the same mission of promoting healthy aging; D) We’re in love!

1) D
2) B
3) A
4) A
5) D
6) D
7) F
8) C
9) C

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