Doors open at 4:00 and games start at 6:00. New players encouraged to arrive by 5:30. Average payout is over $1300 each night. Minimum buy-in is $10.

PATRICK WILBERN, WASCO COUNTY VETERAN’S SERVICES OFFICER Tuesday June 18th at 6:00 and Wednesday June 19th at 1:00. He will be explaining changes in Veteran’s benefits.

TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS June 25th 1:00. Learn about the NEW transportation options in The Dalles and the Gorge.

Speaker - Jessica Metta, Mid-Columbia Economic Development District

READY - SET - RETIRE June 26th 4:00 – 7:00 PM presented by AARP and Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

UPDATED 6.11.19


Mondays: Quilters 10:00 – 3:00; Lunch with TED 12:00; Brain Fitness Club 1:00; Wii Bowling 1:30
Tuesdays: Yoga 9:30; Tai Chi 1:00; Bunco (3rd Tues.) 1:00Dominoes 1:00; Strong Women 2:00; Table Tennis 3:00; 
Wednesdays: Computer/Smart Device Help 9:00; Strength Yoga 9:15; Needle Nutz 10:00;  Creative Arts 1:00 (4th Wednesday); Lectures for the Curious 11:00
Thursdays: Yoga 9:30;  Zumba Gold 10:45-11:30; Grief Support Group 1st and 3rd Thursdays 10:30; Pinochle 1:00; Strong Women 2:00; Table Tennis 3:00; MOW Bingo 6:00
Fridays: Strength Yoga 9:15;  Let's Talk 11:00; Mahjong 1:00; Pinochle 6:00;    
 Saturdays: MCSC Bingo 6:00

SHIBA Medicare help available by appointment. Call Center at 541-296-4788.


Cindy Lou said...
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SA said...
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Unknown said...
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djmollet said...
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Anonymous said...

This senior center is a blessing to many of us in and around the community. Without it most of us would go without at least one good meal a day. Also most of us would remain too sedentary, and probably get sucked into a depression without the activities. This can happen at any age.
Bingo is one of the favorite activities, however it's getting too upsetting for a lot of us due to the fact that there are too many coming that don't listen to, or follow the rules. Then there are a certain few that persist to be loud, noisy, obnoxious and rude. The volunteers running the bingo have tried to control some of it, but it's time they make sure to have silence and everyone's attention at the start, before pursuing bingo. Then announce that the rules are to be strictly followed and those who break them can be told to leave, and without any refunds. Don't come at the last minute before it starts and be disruptive and hold up the game playing either.
We all come to have fun and relax, not to be stressed by others inconsiderations.
We don't have these issues during any of the other activities.
Thank you.

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